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Generate location data and govern how it appears to your friends and apps.

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Coposition is the secure, trusted, and efficient way to manage location data

Coposition.The all-in-one solution for location data protection


Empower your users. Let them know that by using your product they are taking advantage of the most powerful geolocation data security platform ever developed.


Don’t risk it. Developed with privacy at the forefront, the trusted and secure cloud-based storage system keeps your users and their data protected.


Power, right out of the box. Highly functional and detailed API endpoints as standard means reduced development load and plenty of additional benefits, like instant analytics.


Let Coposition do the work. With unlimited users, you can take advantage of our servers that already handle billions of check-ins daily.

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Once your app is utilising the Coposition platform your users will know that their location data is under their control.

Start using the most secure and trusted geolocation data management system available anywhere.

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