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With Coposition your location data is owned by you. Share it with friends and family. Let your apps use it. Delete it entirely.



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Choose how you create your location data and dictate how it appears to your friends and apps.

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Coposition is the secure and trusted way to manage location data

Coposition.Take control of your location data


For the first time, your geolocation data history is all in one place. Create. View. Edit. Share. Restrict access. Erase. After all, it’s now yours.


Don’t risk it. Developed with privacy at the forefront, the trusted and secure cloud-based storage system keeps you and your data protected.


Manage your full geolocation history online. See everything we store and export whatever you want to use in a format convenient to you.


Protecting your data shouldn’t come at a price. Your Coposition account is free for life, as we believe privacy is your basic right.

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When you see the Copo Enabled™ badge, you know you’re in control.

Only applications using the Coposition platform meet the new minimum industry standard for the protection of user privacy. Don’t settle for anything less.

Start using the most secure geolocation data management system available anywhere.

Trust us, we know where to look.

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